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Electroencephalography is an important clinical tool for the evaluation and treatment of neurophysiological disorders related to epilepsy. However, the analysis and interpretation of the electroencephalogram (EEG) is not an easy task due to the variety of waveforms that are possible. Consequently, EEG analysis is in need of an objective and quantitative(More)
Avec les extensions d'UML 2.0, les réseaux de Petri, utilisés comme cadre sémantique formel pour les diagrammes d'activité d'UML, ne permet-tent plus d'exprimer les nouvelles constructions de haut niveau telles que la traverse-to-completion. Cette dernière nécessite une synchronisation globale entre les noeuds fork et join, totalement absente dans les(More)
Due to the proliferation of Internet and wireless communication networks, mobility of software components is pervasive in current applications. However, most of the existing Architecture Description Languages (ADLS) lack operators to express mobility primitives. In this paper, we propose a generic rewrite theory for mobility in CBabel, a Declarative(More)