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The organization of synaptic connectivity within a neuronal circuit is a prime determinant of circuit function. We performed a comprehensive fine-scale circuit mapping of hippocampal regions (CA3-CA1) using the newly developed synapse labeling method, mGRASP. This mapping revealed spatially nonuniform and clustered synaptic connectivity patterns.(More)
Mapping mammalian synaptic connectivity has long been an important goal of neuroscientists since it is considered crucial for explaining human perception and behavior. Yet, despite enormous efforts, the overwhelming complexity of the neural circuitry and the lack of appropriate techniques to unravel it have limited the success of efforts to map(More)
We report the neuropathologic findings in the first patient with recognized glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) deficiency to come to postmortem examination. He had progressive cerebellar ataxia beginning at age 21. He died at age 47 of pulmonary emboli. Postmortem examination revealed pancerebellar, olivary, and mild pontine atrophy, demyelination of the(More)
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