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Embedded automotive systems come to the front as highlight of IT fusion technologies, but are often troubled by increasing functional complexity, strict safety requirements, and misunderstanding between developers. Many developers of embedded software cannot help depending on their subjective experience to assure reliability of work output, but it(More)
In recent years, time synchronization in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is important for accurate time stamping of events and fine-tuned coordination of duty cycles to minimize power consumption. This paper presents an on-demand hierarchical mesh-based time synchronization (OHMTS) that is flexible, multi-hop based and high-precise in WSN. OHMTS adopts(More)
Recently, the battery and low-power H/W technologies for mobile and wearable computing devices have been advanced rapidly. But on the other hand the computation and communication demands of the embedded applications are increasing more rapidly. Therefore, the application developers are still required to develop their codes to utilize the available energy as(More)
To develop the applications for Internet appliances, embedded sojiware development tools need various host tools such as cross compilers and binary utilities as well as a remote debugger, an interactive shell, and real-time resource monitors. The heavy host-target communication overhead and inconsistency caused by various host tools make target monitor(More)
In this paper, we introduce a remote graphics library framework based on inter-virtual-machines communication in an embedded hypervisor. With this framework, there are no causality conflicts when multiple guest operating systems share one GPU. We adopted API remoting for GPU virtualization because it has relatively small overhead when connected with OpenGL(More)
As the complexity and size of software in automotive embedded systems has grown steadily over the years, model-based software development is widely accepted by automotive industrial. A recent automotive standard, AUTOSAR gives developers a good opportunity to keep up with this trend. In this paper, to help develop automotive embedded software based on(More)
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