Chae-Bong Sohn

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The environment of transmission via a wireless network is not always error-free. The loss of data or impairment caused by errors degrades the quality of image. The error concealment is the method that finds the best substitute information from the previous reference image with the boundary information around lost block. Therefore, This paper proposes an(More)
Many media processors which support SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) instructions have been widely used for digital signal processing and multimedia applications. In particular, a set of SIMD instructions is very effective in video applications which require both simple operations and short data types, mostly 8-bit or 16-bit samples. This paper(More)
On the channel of wireless transmission environment, there is the data loss suffered from a packet loss. A packet loss brings lowering of image quality of the decoded image. Error concealment method is the efficient method that reduces lowering of performance in having error. This study introduces a method of Adaptive Multi-Side Boundary Matching(More)