Chadwick C. Rasmussen

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A case of Stage IIIC primary ovarian leiomyosarcoma in a premenopausal woman with multiple recurrences alive and well 7 years after diagnosis is presented. In addition to the typical light microscopic, immunohistochemical, and electron microscopic features of ovarian leiomyosarcoma, the tumor was progesterone receptor positive. This is 28th report of(More)
During performance of bilateral groin incisions, an abdominal incision and a colostomy has the potential risks of devascularization of the lower abdominal wall and infection. A patient with locally advanced vulvar carcinoma requiring a posterior exenteration is presented. The posterior exenteration was performed by developing an abdominal skin flap from the(More)
This work extends some previous research that was reported by the authors [1-4] in that empirical correlation curves are presented that summarize the lean blowout limits of cavitystabilized flames that are adjacent to supersonic, heated air flows. The correlations were obtained for two geometries: fuel injected into the cavity through the cavity aft wall(More)
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