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The design of everyday objects is not always intuitive and at times it leaves the user frustrated and unable to complete a simple task. How many of us have bought a VCR that we have struggled to used and missed recording our favorite programs because we misunderstood the instructions or had to put up with the clock blinking 12:00 because we didn't know how(More)
Several studies have attempted to compare students' performance in online classes with face-to-face classes. Less attention has focused on professors' experiences of and attitudes towards teaching online. While many professors, including human-computer interaction (HCI) educators typically supplement their face-to-face classes with an online component, few(More)
Education up to the latter part of the 20th century used strict methods of instruction delivery, relying mostly on tried theories in cognition and social learning. Approaches in constructivism and collaborative learning affirm the success of existing methods of delivering curriculum, yet they also validate the use of information technology as a vehicle to(More)
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