Chadi Kari

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A fundamental problem in distributed computing is the task of cooperatively executing a given set of t tasks by p processors where the communication medium is dynamic and subject to failures. The dynamics of the communication medium lead to groups of processors being disconnected and possibly reconnected during the entire course of the computation. The(More)
We consider a variant of edge coloring problem, which arises in multi-channel wireless networks. We are given a graph´Îε, and constraint Ú for each Ú, which is the number of colors that edges incident to Ú can use. In addition, we have a constraint on the number of colors available in the network (denoted as). For a pair of edges incident to a vertex, they(More)
A node replication attack against a wireless sensor network involves surreptitious efforts by an adversary to insert duplicate sensor nodes into the network while avoiding detection. Due to the lack of tamper-resistant hardware and the low cost of sensor nodes, launching replication attacks takes little effort to carry out. Naturally, detecting these(More)
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