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Using Ebolavirus genomic and epidemiological data, we conducted the first joint analysis in which both data types were used to fit dynamic transmission models for an ongoing outbreak. Our results indicate that transmission is clustered, highlighting a potential bias in medical demand forecasts, and provide the first empirical estimate of underreporting.
As a devastating Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues, non-pharmaceutical control measures including contact tracing, quarantine, and case isolation are being implemented. In addition, public health agencies are scaling up efforts to test and deploy candidate vaccines. Given the experimental nature and limited initial supplies of vaccines, a mass(More)
This article explores regional disparities in lung cancer mortality for females and males and associated factors across central Appalachia and surrounding regions. It asks, how are lung cancer mortality rates distributed geographically, what are the relative contributions of specific factors to lung cancer disparities by sex, and how do the effects of these(More)
There are two errors in Fig 1. In Fig 1, the label for the edge connecting the latent state (E) to the removed state (R) should be τχ. The label for the edge connecting the latent state (E) to the observed state (T E) should be τ(1-χ). Please see the corrected Fig 1 here. Copyright: © 2015 Wells et al. This is an open access article distributed under the(More)
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