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Genomes to natural products PRediction Informatics for Secondary Metabolomes (PRISM)
Microbial natural products are an invaluable source of evolved bioactive small molecules and pharmaceutical agents. Next-generation and metagenomic sequencing indicates untapped genomic potential,Expand
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A Comparison of Disaster Paradigms: The Search for a Holistic Policy Guide
The following article discusses the current emphasis and attention being given to the future of emergency management, as well as theoretical constructs designed to guide research and helpExpand
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PRISM 3: expanded prediction of natural product chemical structures from microbial genomes
Abstract Microbial natural products represent a rich resource of pharmaceutically and industrially important compounds. Genome sequencing has revealed that the majority of natural products remainExpand
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Duodenal Bacteria From Patients With Celiac Disease and Healthy Subjects Distinctly Affect Gluten Breakdown and Immunogenicity.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Partially degraded gluten peptides from cereals trigger celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune enteropathy occurring in genetically susceptible persons. Susceptibility genes areExpand
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An automated Genomes-to-Natural Products platform (GNP) for the discovery of modular natural products
Bacterial natural products are a diverse and valuable group of small molecules, and genome sequencing indicates that the vast majority remain undiscovered. The prediction of natural productExpand
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Genomic charting of ribosomally synthesized natural product chemical space facilitates targeted mining
Significance Natural products and their derivatives are essential to the treatment of many diseases. Ribosomally synthesized and posttranslationally modified peptides (RiPPs) are a class of naturalExpand
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Gold biomineralization by a metallophore from a gold-associated microbe.
Microorganisms produce and secrete secondary metabolites to assist in their survival. We report that the gold resident bacterium Delftia acidovorans produces a secondary metabolite that protects fromExpand
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Assembly and clustering of natural antibiotics guides target identification.
Antibiotics are essential for numerous medical procedures, including the treatment of bacterial infections, but their widespread use has led to the accumulation of resistance, prompting calls for theExpand
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Informatic search strategies to discover analogues and variants of natural product archetypes
Natural products are a crucial source of antimicrobial agents, but reliance on low-resolution bioactivity-guided approaches has led to diminishing interest in discovery programmes. Here, weExpand
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Polyketide and nonribosomal peptide retro-biosynthesis and global gene cluster matching.
Polyketides (PKs) and nonribosomal peptides (NRPs) are profoundly important natural products, forming the foundations of many therapeutic regimes. Decades of research have revealed over 11,000 PK andExpand
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