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Portals Direct I/O ("PDIO") is a specialpurpose middleware infrastructure for writing data from compute processor memory on Portals-enabled compute nodes to remote agents anywhere on the WAN in realtime. The prototype implementation provided a means for aggregation of outgoing data through multiple loadbalanced routing daemons, end-to-end parallel data(More)
PSC has architected and delivered the TCS-1 machine, a Terascale Computing System for use in unclassified research. PSC has enhanced the effective usability and utilization of this resource by providing custom I/O solutions in four key areas: high-performance communication, highperformance file migration, checkpoint/recovery and an updated hierarchical(More)
Traditionally, Hadoop is run on parallel machines with modest processing capabilities and large amounts of disk. A large shared-memory system may not, at first blush, seem a likely host for a Hadoop cluster, but when researchers asked to run Hadoop on our 16 TB shared memory system, Blacklight, we set out to determine how effectively Hadoop could work in(More)
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