Chad Vicenik

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VoiceSauce is a new application, implemented in Matlab, which provides automated voice measurements over audio recordings. VoiceSauce computes many voice measures, including those using corrections for formant frequencies and bandwidths. It outputs values as text or for Emu database, and incorporates output from a separate program for automatic analysis of(More)
This paper proposes a prosodic structure and the tonal pattern of Georgian, the national language of Georgia. The language has three prosodic units above the Word: Intonation Phrase (IP), Intermediate Phrase (ip), and Accentual Phrase (AP). All these units are marked by a boundary tone, but an AP in Georgian is unique typologically in that it has pitch(More)
It has been widely shown that adults are capable of using only prosodic cues to discriminate between languages. Previous research has focused largely on how one aspect of prosody – rhythmic timing differences – support language discrimination. In this paper, we examined whether listeners attend to pitch cues for language discrimination. First, we(More)
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