Chad Rodgers

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Spirochetes resembling Brachyspira aalborgi were found in the feces and rectal biopsies of a patient with persistent diarrhea. Although the organism failed to grow on bacteriologic media, it was found attached to the surfaces of the epithelial cells on the rectal lumen. Blunting and destruction of the cellular microvilli was evident. These induced(More)
Regulation of the ovulatory cycle involves the interdependence of the adenohypophysis, the ovaries, the CNS, and the external environment. Several distinctions in brain functions and the overlapping control of several neuro-endocrine systems are pointed out. Important neuro-anatomical relationships between basomedial hypothalamus and other brain regions are(More)
On the day of proestrus, female rats were given large electrolytic lesions aimed at the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus (VMH). Following a postoperative period of extended diestrus the vaginal smears showed irregular periods of vaginal cornification with a tendency toward prolonged periods of cornified smears. Sexual receptivity, measured in terms(More)
The purpose of this study was systematically to evaluate the effectiveness of several modes of psychological intervention used with male asthmatic children being treated in the Allergy Outpatient Clinic. Therapeutic effectiveness was measured by large airway changes in respiratory function, and the number of recurrent asthmatic attacks. The(More)