Chad Randall Sager

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We present a method of measuring force response of a single living cell, attached to a substrate, in situ, by a functionalized microelectromechanical systems sensor that applies local deformation on the cell. The sensor is a single crystal silicon microcantilever beam with prescribed shape and geometry, and is coated by a thin layer of fibronectin. It is(More)
Portable point-of-care devices for pathogen detection require easy, minimal and user-friendly handling steps and need to have the same diagnostic performance compared to centralized laboratories. In this work we present a fully automated sample-to-answer detection of influenza A H3N2 virus in a centrifugal LabDisk with complete prestorage of reagents. Thus,(More)
Ybe requ#ements for life _ systems, both biotogfcal and pby'deaZchem_L for long-term human attended space missions are under serious study throughout NASA, 1be J. E Kennedy Space Center 'Z_readboard'" project has focused on btomass production using higher plants for atmosphe_ regeneration and food proda_tfon in a special biomass pmd_tion chamber. This(More)
Although previous studies of the adhesion properties of single living cells have been conducted a full understanding has still not been attained. In this article a MEMS sensor has been employed to study, quantitatively and qualitatively, the adhesion properties of a single living bovine endothelial cell. The strength of a single focal adhesion site to an(More)
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