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New Insights Into the Taxonomic Status, Distribution and Natural History of De Witte's Clicking Frog (Kassinula wittei Laurent, 1940)
Kassinula is a monotypic genus of small frog in the family Hyperoliidae, only represented by Kassinula wittei. Expand
Rediscovery, taxonomic status, and phylogenetic relationships of two rare and endemic snakes (Serpentes: Psammophiinae) from the southwestern Angolan plateau.
Two rare and endemic psammophines (Serpentes: Psammophiinae) occur in Angola. The taxonomic status of Psammophylax rhombeatus ocellatus Bocage, 1873 and Psammophis ansorgii Boulenger, 1905 have longExpand
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Kissing cousins: a review of the African genus Limnophis Günther, 1865 (Colubridae: Natricinae), with the description of a new species from north-eastern Angola
ABSTRACT The African natricine genus Limnophis is represented by two species: Limnophis bicolor Günther, 1865 and Limnophis bangweolicus (Mertens, 1936). They are stout-bodied, semi-aquatic snakesExpand
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