Chad J. Roach

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BACKGROUND Patients' religious commitments and religious communities are known to influence their experiences of illness and their medical decisions. Physicians are also dynamic partners in the doctor-patient relationship, yet little is known about the religious characteristics of physicians or how physicians' religious commitments shape the clinical(More)
CONTEXT Controversy exists regarding whether and how physicians should address religion/spirituality (R/S) with patients. OBJECTIVE This study examines the relationship between physicians' religious characteristics and their attitudes and self-reported behaviors regarding R/S in the clinical encounter. METHODS A cross-sectional mailed survey of a(More)
BACKGROUND Despite expansive medical literature regarding spirituality and medicine, little is known about physician beliefs regarding the influence of religion on health. METHODS Semistructured interviews with 21 physicians regarding the intersection of religion, spirituality, and medicine. Interviews were transcribed, coded, and analyzed for emergent(More)
BACKGROUND Patients at times disagree with medical recommendations for religious reasons. Despite a lively debate about how physicians should respond to patients' religious concerns, little is known about how physicians actually respond. We explored the ways in which physicians interpret and respond to conflict between medical recommendations and patients'(More)
The results of a serological survey of ruminant livestock in some countries of the Caribbean and South America for type-specific antibody to bluetongue virus are reported. Using the microneutralisation test with the international serotypes 1 to 22 of bluetongue virus, antibodies to several types were detected. Analysis of the data indicated that in 1981-82(More)
A serological survey of 6250 sera from cattle, sheep and goats in seven Caribbean and two South American countries showed that antibody to bluetongue virus was widely distributed in each species throughout the survey area. Overall prevalences of antibody were 70 per cent in cattle, 67 per cent in sheep and 76 per cent in goats as assessed by an(More)
In a salutary contribution to debates about spirituality in medicine, Kuczewski (2007) raises the question of whether “hard and fast rules” are suited to the subject of dialogue about spiritual matters. Those who argue that physicians should not engage patients’ spiritual concerns still suggest physicians should at least consider those concerns, and those(More)