Chad Huneycutt

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A software cache implements instruction and data caching entirely in software. Dynamic binary rewriting offers a means to specialize the software cache miss checks at cache miss time. We describe a software cache system implemented using dynamic binary rewriting and observe that the combination is particularly appropriate for the scenario of a simple(More)
Data-Intensive infrastructures are increasingly used for on-line processing of live data to guide operations and decision making. VScope is a flexible monitoring and analysis middleware for troubleshoot-ing such large-scale, time-sensitive, multi-tier applications. With VScope, lightweight anomaly detection and interaction tracking methods can be run(More)
This paper explores the energy and delay issues that occur when some or all of the local storage is moved out of the embedded device , and into a remote network server. We demonstrate using the network to access remote storage in lieu of local DRAM results in significant power savings. Mobile applications continually demand additional memory, with(More)
This paper describes a technique for utilizing predication to support software pipelining on EPIC architectures in the presence of dynamic memory aliasing. The essential idea is that the compiler generates an optimistic software-pipelined schedule that assumes there is no memory aliasing. The operations in the pipeline kernel are predicated, however, so(More)
Traditional data center monitoring systems focus on collecting basic metrics such as CPU and memory usage, in a centralized location, giving administrators a summary of global system health via a database of observations. Conversely, emerging research systems are focusing on scalable, distributed monitoring capable of quickly detecting and alerting(More)
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