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Transformative Learning as a Metatheory
This article addresses a significant problem with transformative learning theory; namely, that it is increasingly being used to refer to almost any instance of learning. This article offers several
A typology of transformation: Reviewing the transformative learning literature
Abstract This article depicts the literature on transformative learning theory in two ways. First, it conveys an historical evolution of the theory that has taken place over the past four decades.
Promoting Transformative Learning Through Reading Fiction
This article is a report on research into the role of fiction in promoting transformative learning in higher education settings. Participants were 131 undergraduate and graduate students from two
Developing the Theory of Perspective Transformation
Mezirow’s theory of perspective transformation has proved to be a great asset to the scholarship of adult education and has provided a solid theoretical base for understanding complex learning
A Tale of Two Transitions
Surprisingly few empirical studies examine the experience of veterans as they transition into community college. Using Schlossberg’s transition model and 4S framework—situation, self, supports, and
Supporting Veterans at the Community College: A Review of the Literature.
As postsecondary institutions seek ways to attract military veterans as students, they ostensibly grapple with how to best support these men and women once they arrive on campus. Although there are
The State of Scientific Knowledge Regarding Factors Associated With Terrorism
We conducted a systematic review of the contemporary scientific literature to (a) identify consensus, where it exists, regarding factors associated with membership in terrorist organizations and/or
Transformative Learning in Theory and Practice
This is a response to “The Ethical Knower: Rethinking Our Pedagogy in the Age of Trump” by Elana Michelson. We appreciate Michelson’s critical evaluation of the appropriateness of transformative
Transformative Learning Through Conceptual Metaphors
This article presents findings from a research study wherein participants demonstrated the use of similes, metaphors, and analogies, termed conceptual metaphors, in response to disorienting dilemmas
The Association Between Worldview Climate Dimensions and College Students’ Perceptions of Transformational Learning
Based on 13,776 student respondents to the Campus Religious and Spiritual Climate Survey (CRSCS) across three academic years at 52 colleges and universities, this study examined how aspects of the