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The purpose of this metasynthesis was to describe the hope experience of family caregivers of persons with chronic illness. Fourteen studies were included in the metasynthesis. All studies described the importance of hope to the family caregivers of relatives with chronic illness regardless of age, relationship, or setting. Several derived themes arose from(More)
BACKGROUND Identity negotiations of people living with cancer have been shown to be significant psychosocial challenges throughout cancer trajectories but have not been adequately explored among young adults with cancer. Narrative approaches might help to reveal moments of (dis)empowerment that affect their identity negotiations. OBJECTIVE The aim of this(More)
BACKGROUND First Nations people with cancer in Canada confront several critical inequities in physical and psychosocial domains. First Nations women are at a particular disadvantage as they are disproportionately affected by social determinants of health, but how they navigate these challenges within their communities is poorly understood. OBJECTIVE Our(More)
OBJECTIVE As people with cancer attempt the difficult task of giving voice to life with illness, they often turn to mythic figures and stories (e.g., when people talk about battling cancer or embarking on a journey toward recovery). Little attention has been paid to the mythic figure of the trickster, recently identified by Arthur Frank (2009) as a(More)
Many men who have sex with men (MSM) express feeling marginalized by discourses within public health and sexual health nursing that determine bareback sex is deviant and unsafe. Their resistance to risk-based discourses can be seen within radical sex practices such as deliberately becoming-infected with HIV (bug-chasing) and breeding-infection(More)
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