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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The clinical onset and severity of intestinal disorders in humans and animals can be profoundly impacted by early life stress. Here we investigated the impact of early weaning stress in pigs on intestinal physiology, clinical disease, and immune response to subsequent challenge with enterotoxigenic F18 E. coli (ETEC). METHODOLOGY Pigs(More)
Satellite cell activity is necessary for postnatal skeletal muscle growth. Severe phosphate (PO(4)) deficiency can alter satellite cell activity, however the role of neonatal PO(4) nutrition on satellite cell biology remains obscure. Twenty-one piglets (1 day of age, 1.8 ± 0.2 kg BW) were pair-fed liquid diets that were either PO(4) adequate (0.9% total P),(More)
BACKGROUND Organic acids, such as citric and sorbic acid, and pure plant-derived constituents, like monoterpens and aldehydes, have a long history of use in pig feeding as alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters. However, their effects on the intestinal barrier function and inflammation have never been investigated. Therefore, aim of this study was to(More)
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