Chad Godsey

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When dealing with a real time sensor network, building test data with a known ground truth is a tedious and cumbersome task. In order to quickly build test data for such a network, a simulation solution is a viable option. Simulation environments have a close relationship with computer game environments, and therefore there is much to be learned from game(More)
Previous studies have shown the importance of soil moisture (SM) in estimating crop yield potential (YP). The sensor based nitrogen (N) rate calculator (SBNRC) developed by Oklahoma State University utilizes the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and the in-season estimated yield (INSEY) as the estimate of biomass to assess YP and to generate N(More)
Previous researchers demonstrated the ability to adapt an AgLeader Cotton Monitor to a peanut combine. It was shown that the field weight could be accurately predicted with errors less than 10%. This project focuses on expanding this previous work and the work by Porter et al. (2012) by incorporating a protective deflector plate for the sensors, obtaining(More)
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