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Unicompartmental changes in the knee of a young athlete remains a difficult and controversial problem in orthopaedics. Excessive premature loading of articular cartilage, most often the result of a knee injury, has been shown to result in increased degenerative changes and pain in the younger patient. Instability may also contribute to the degeneration of(More)
In a randomized, controlled trial in five regional centers with state health department clinics, 1458 women at high risk for low birth weight (LBW) outcome received either prenatal interventions provided by nurse-midwives and nurses under their supervision or the standard high-risk prenatal care provided by obstetricians. The intervention administered by(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the gap formation during cyclic loading, maximum repair strength, and failure mode of single-row full-thickness supraspinatus repairs performed using 2 knotless suture anchors with differing internal suture-retention mechanisms in a human cadaver model. Nine matched pairs of cadaver shoulders were used.(More)
Public health nurses and other professional and paraprofessional workers have engaged in prenatal home visiting for many decades. Yet, the extent to which this and other prenatal interventions influence maternal behavior is largely unknown. This study was undertaken to collect and categorize perceptions of experts in the organization and delivery of(More)
1554 Background: We performed a phase II study to determine the activity and toxicity of thalidomide plus daily cyclophosphamide in patients with recurrent anaplastic astrocytomas (AA) and anaplastic oligodendrogliomas (AO). METHODS Eligibility: adult patients with AA or AO in first relapse with measurable disease; interval of at least 3 weeks between(More)
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