Chad C Adams

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OBJECTIVE To review the aetiopathogenesis, clinical characteristics, immunohistochemical profile, prognosis and treatment options for primary thyroid squamous cell carcinoma, and to compare it with squamous cell carcinoma metastatic to the thyroid, thus providing the reader with a framework for differentiating primary and secondary disease. METHOD Review(More)
The applicability of problem solving concepts such as planfulness and depth of search to older adult cognitive behavior was considered. Eighteen males (sixty to eighty-nine years) and eighteen females (sixty to eighty-two years) solved isomorphic inquiry problems involving elimination of number and letter alternatives from a twenty-four item stimulus array.(More)
Dimensional preferences in 40 middle-aged (M = 41.62 years) and 40 elderly (M = 72.22 years) females were assessed using a dimensional choice task. Significant age differences in reaction times of choice but not in number of dimensional choices were obtained. There was a perfect rank-order correspondence between the two age groups in dimensional choices(More)
Twenty-two boys who met criteria for the diagnosis "unsocialized aggressive reaction" and had been admitted to an inpatient unit were followed up 21 months later. Two thirds were improved. Fighting and resistance to discipline were diminished while impulsiveness and similar traits persisted. Boys who were separated from an antisocial parent but lived in a(More)
Foreign body ingestion in dental and ENT practice is a commonly encountered emergency. In most cases, particularly in adults, there is a definite history of its ingestion, the nature of the foreign body is usually identifiable and the patient almost always presents immediately. We report an unusual case of an elderly patient with a six month history of(More)
BACKGROUND The authors investigated the use of simulator platforms in fourth-year medical student education. OBJECTIVE To evaluate which simulation platform students preferred for learning dermatologic procedures and to assess the effectiveness of the exercise in terms of the change in confidence that the students had performing dermatologic procedures.(More)
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