Chad Augustin

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The metabolism of the following thiaarenes has been investigated using liver microsomes of untreated, phenobarbital-, AroclorR- and 5,6-benzoflavone-pretreated rats: dibenzothiophene, naphtho[2,1-b]thiophene, benzo[b]naphtho[2,1-b]thiophene, benzo[b]naphtho[1,2-d]thiophene, benzo[b]naphtho-[2,3-d] thiophene, phenanthrol[1,2-b]thiophene, phenanthrol[4,5-bcd](More)
PURPOSE The primary objective of this study was to compare Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedics (EMT-P) perceptions of the usefulness of an automatic transport ventilator (ATV) compared with bag valve (BV) ventilation for intubated patients. METHODS Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or assisted ventilation patients were randomly assigned by day to the ATV(More)
Monoclonal antibodies against purified rat liver 4-hydroxybiphenyl UDP-glucuronosyltransferase were developed using the hybridoma technology. In immunoblot analysis the antibodies specifically reacted with purified 4-hydroxybiphenyl-UDPGT but not with other purified UDPGT enzyme fractions. One single band was detected with microsomes of rat liver and small(More)
Somatic cell hybrids were made from mouse myeloma cells and spleen cells derived from BALB/c mice immunized with homogenized epithelial fractions of BPH. The screening by immunoperoxidase staining on human prostate and non-prostate tissue resulted in one monoclonal antibody identifying a prostate specific antigen. Upon SDS-PAGE and Western blot this antigen(More)
During the last 5 years a continuous increase of the number of intoxications with the analgesic paracetamol has been realized. Most cases were due to attempted suicides whereas few cases resulted from accidental overdosing to small children. In the latter case two to threefold overdoses often caused serious intoxications. Whereas the number of attempted(More)
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