Cha'o-Kuang Chen

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This paper presents a new approach to the design of a composite sliding mode control for a class of chaotic systems with uncertainties. A significant feature of this control scheme is the incorporation of a new complementary sliding variable to the conventional sliding variable in order that a high-performance controller can be obtained. It has been shown(More)
In this paper, a sliding mode controller is applied to control the cubic Chua’s circuit system. The sliding surface of this paper used is one dimension higher than the traditional surface and guarantees its passage through the initial states of the controlled system. Therefore, using the characteristic of this sliding mode we aim to design a controller that(More)
This paper investigates the mixing characteristics of electrokinetically-driven flow in microchannels with different wavy surface configurations. Numerical simulations are performed to analyze the influence of the wave amplitude and the length of the wavy section on the mixing efficiency within the microchannel. Typically, straight channels have a poor(More)
A computer-aided curvature analyses program of the planar four-bar linkage mechanism is presented. The complete kinematics curvature analyses of the planar four-bar linkage mechanism depend on the variation of input link angle, angular velocity and angular acceleration are performed by this program. Since the kinematics analyses are routine works, the(More)