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Hybrid (discrete/continuous) systems exhibit both discrete state and continuous state dynamics which interact to such a significant extent that they cannot be decoupled and must be analyzed simultaneously. We present an overview of the work that has been done in the modeling, simulation, sensitivity analysis, and optimization of hybrid systems, paying(More)
Accurate nonlinear dynamic models of process operations such as start-ups, shut-downs, and complex changeovers include state dependent events that trigger discrete changes to the describing equations, and are best analyzed within a hybrid systems framework. The automated design of an optimal process operation can thus be formulated as a dynamic optimization(More)
Continuous time hybrid systems have become the modeling framework of choice for a wide variety of applications that require detailed dynamic models with embedded discontinuities. In general, these time dependent, nonlinear models exhibit model switching and state jumps as a consequence of both time and state dependent events [1]. There exist great safety,(More)
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