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In 2 clinical studies in 40 conscious human volunteers and 164 orthopedic patients histamine-release responses were diagnosed, defined and classified. Polygeline (Haemaccel) in its now outdated(More)
Asymptomatic recurrent ulcers following drugs and surgical therapy are true failures of treatment (Visick IV). Several types of bias at present do not allow any conclusion whether medical treatment(More)
Perioperative risk research with biomedical (biochemical, physiological) methods must grow up as a main topic in surgical research. However, operative risk has also to be analysed with methods of(More)
External fixation, which is used in the fixation of severe compound fractures of the tibia, does not permit good correction of rotational malalignment. By combining external fixation with a(More)
Anaphylactoid reactions in man following administration of drugs solubilized with cremophor El® (polyethylenglycolglycerol riconoleate) are a considerable clinical problem. Since these reactions(More)