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Chemical investigation of hassium (element 108)
The periodic table provides a classification of the chemical properties of the elements. But for the heaviest elements, the transactinides, this role of the periodic table reaches its limits becauseExpand
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Thermochromatographic studies of mercury and radon on transition metal surfaces
Abstract In preparation for the experimental investigation of chemical properties of element 112 model studies were conducted based on the assumed similarity of element 112 to either the noble gas RnExpand
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The electron capture in 163Ho experiment – ECHo
Abstract Neutrinos, and in particular their tiny but non-vanishing masses, can be considered one of the doors towards physics beyond the Standard Model. Precision measurements of the kinematics ofExpand
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The Electron Capture $$^{163}$$163Ho Experiment ECHo
The determination of the absolute scale of the neutrino masses is one of the most challenging present questions in particle physics. The most stringent limit, $$m(\bar{\nu }_{\mathrm {e}})<Expand
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Attempts to chemically investigate element 112
Summary Two experiments aiming at the chemical investigation of element 112 produced in the heavy ion induced nuclear fusion reaction of 48Ca with 238U were performed at the Gesellschaft fürExpand
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Fundamental aspects of molecular plating and production of smooth crack-free Nd targets
A general understanding of the molecular plating process was obtained recently, which serves as a first step towards further improvements of the method aiming, for example, at the production ofExpand
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Physical preseparation: A powerful new method for transactinide chemists
Abstract.In recent years, the concept of physical preseparation of single atoms was introduced into the field of transactinide chemistry. In this approach, the transactinide element of interest isExpand
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High intensity target wheel at TASCA: target wheel control system and target monitoring
At GSI Darmstadt, the gas-filled recoil separator transactinide separator and chemistry apparatus (TASCA) is in operation for experiments with superheavy elements. It is optimized for hot-fusionExpand
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First chemical investigation of hassium (Hs, Z=108)
Recently, the first successful chemical investigation of element 108, hassium (Hs) has been reported [1]. Based on 7 detected atoms, Hs was shown to form a higly volatile oxide, most probably HsO4.Expand
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Radioactive boron beams produced by isotope online mass separation at CERN-ISOLDE
Abstract.We report on the development and characterization of the first radioactive boron beams produced by the isotope mass separation online (ISOL) technique at CERN-ISOLDE. Despite the longExpand
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