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OBJECTIVE To determine the occurrence of complications and treatment costs in the first 6 years from diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in the primary care level. DESIGN The German multi-centre, retrospective epidemiological cohort study ROSSO observed patients from diagnosis in 1995-1999 until the end of 2003 or loss to follow-up. SETTING 192 randomly(More)
The principle of evidence-based medicine and its associated hierarchy of study designs has been the topic of numerous, and sometimes controversial, discussions. We are convinced that the current evidence hierarchy based upon study design is not suitable for all situations in medical decision-making, for example those related to the reality of care. We would(More)
UNLABELLED It is extremely difficult to assess the prevalence and the total costs of diabetes mellitus for the German health care system. The last sound assessment of the total costs is based on the CODE-2 study, although this study reflects the situation in 1998. METHODS In this paper we assess again the total costs of diabetes mellitus type 2 and self(More)
The criticism of a "two-tiered medical system" is a political slogan, which is also not exactly defined. However, for the public discussion this is not of further importance because talking about a "two-tiered medical system" has a priori a negative impact; in particular in times when people's fears surrounding medical care in Germany are great. Especially(More)
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