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The optical properties of carbon nanowall (CNW) films in the visible range have been studied and reported for the first time. Depending on the film structure, ultra-low total reflectance up to 0.13% can be reached, which makes the CNW films a promising candidate for the black body-like coating, and thus for a wide range of applications as a light absorber.(More)
D. Haberer,1 L. Petaccia,2 M. Farjam,3 S. Taioli,4,5 S. A. Jafari,3,6 A. Nefedov,7 W. Zhang,7,8 L. Calliari,4 G. Scarduelli,4 B. Dora,9 D. V. Vyalikh,10 T. Pichler,11 Ch. Wöll,7 D. Alfè,12,13,14 S. Simonucci,15 M. S. Dresselhaus,16 M. Knupfer,1 B. Büchner,1 and A. Grüneis1,11 1IFW Dresden, P.O. Box 270116, D-01171 Dresden, Germany 2Elettra Synchrotron Light(More)
Lat~ice dynanlical ca.lculatiol]s for surfaces and ill particular for stepped and adsorbed covered surfaces are commonly hampered by the colllplexi(,y of lhe dymmlical malrix for these syshvlis. We propose the use of conlputer algebra progrzuns to set up the dyualnical matrix. In the present illl~}lelllelltatioll the dynamical matrix is calculated fully(More)
A. Fedorov,1,2,3,* C. S. Praveen,4,* N. I. Verbitskiy,1,5,6 D. Haberer,7 D. Usachov,3 D. V. Vyalikh,3,8 A. Nefedov,9 C. Wöll,9 L. Petaccia,10 S. Piccinin,4 H. Sachdev,11 M. Knupfer,2 B. Büchner,2 S. Fabris,4,† and A. Grüneis1,‡ 1II. Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln, Zülpicher Strasse 77, 50937 Köln, Germany 2Institute for Solid State Research,(More)
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