Ch. Verikoukis

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We present a novel client-weighted mediumtransparent medium access control (CW-MT-MAC) protocol with enhanced fairness service delivery properties accompanied by a low-loss remote access unit (RAU) architecture for use in indoor, Gbps-capable, 60 GHz radio-over-fiber (RoF) wireless local area networks (WLANs). Our approach relies on incorporating a(More)
We demonstrate a novel Medium-Transparent MAC (MT-MAC) protocol with enhanced end-user service delivery fairness properties for use in Gbps capable, 60 GHz Fiber- Wireless (FiWi) LAN networks. Our approach relies on incorporating a Client Weighted Algorithm (CWA) in the optical capacity allocation mechanism employed in the MT-MAC scheme, so as to distribute(More)
We present a study concerning the network planning of 60 GHz gigabit wireless local area networks (WLANs) over existing passive optical network (PON) infrastructures. Two fiber-wireless configurations for gigabit WLAN network formations are investigated: (i) the Radio & Fiber (R&F) approach that considers several 802.11ad access points connected to(More)
Telecom operators are racing towards upgrading their facilities and broadband services in order to meet the highly challenging 5G operational framework in dense urban landscapes. The oversubscribed sub-6 GHz wireless band is lacking the necessary bandwidth to support the envisioned 5G data rates, suggesting the transition to mm-wave bands as the only viable(More)
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