Ch. Sudhakar Reddy

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Taxonomy is the science which serves as the major tool in discovering, describing and classifying the diversity of life. However, the existence of impediments to taxonomy is recognized as one of the major obstacles in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The acute shortage of taxonomic expertise and resources has resulted into a poor(More)
Andrographis is a medicinally important genus of 26 species native to India, with greatest species diversity occurring in southern India. The present study provides the natural range of eleven species of Andrographis in Andhra Pradesh. Of these, nine species show narrow distributional range and are vulnerable to unsustainable harvesting and land use(More)
The present study is concerned with one of the top ten worst weeds of the world, Mikania micrantha H.B.K., and its growth in a rapidly urbanizing city, Kolkata. The two primary objectives were to assess the impact of this invasive plant on floral diversity as well as its potential for spread into new areas. A quadrat based assessment was conducted to(More)
There is still large uncertainty over the status of global forest cover owing to the paucity of comprehensive and holistic studies related to long term forest cover change. The aim of the present work is to prepare a nation-wide multi-date forest cover database which describes and quantifies historical and recent changes in natural forests of India. This(More)
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