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We investigate both thermoelectric and thermodynamic properties of the misfit cobalt oxide [Bi1.7Co0.3Ca2O4]RS0.6CoO2. A large negative magnetothermopower is found to scale with both magnetic field and temperature, revealing a significant spin entropy contribution to thermoelectric properties giving rise to a constant S0 approximately 60 microV K-1.(More)
We have evidenced by small-angle neutron scattering at low temperature the coexistence of ferromagnetism (F) and antiferromagnetism (AF) in Pr0.67Ca0.33MnO3. The results are compared to those obtained in Pr0.80Ca0.20MnO3 and Pr0.63Ca0.37MnO3, which are F and AF, respectively. Quantitative analysis shows that the small-angle scattering is not due to a(More)
OBJECTIVES The voice handicap index by Jacobson et al doesn't render the difficulties experienced by singers. The aim of this study is to adapt the V.H.I. to the singing voice and evaluate it's reliability and coherence. In order to obtain this first scale, we went through three stages. MATERIAL ET METHOD: The first consisted in the modification of the(More)
We report small-angle neutron scattering measurements on the vortex lattice in a PbIn polycrystal in the presence of an applied current. Using the rocking curves as a probe of the distribution of current in the sample, we observe that vortex pinning is due to the surface roughness. This leads to a surface current that persists in the flux-flow region. We(More)
The orthorhombic perovskite, (La(1-x/2)Bi(x/2))(Fe(0.5)Cr(0.5))O(3) was investigated for 0≤x≤1. Its space group, Pnma, compatible with the disordering of iron and chromium in the B sites, confirms previous observations. More importantly this compound is found to be an uncompensated weak ferromagnet, with a very peculiar zero magnetization behaviour,(More)
We observe a seemingly complex magnetic field dependence of the dielectric constant of hexagonal YbMnO(3) near the spin ordering temperature. After rescaling, the data taken at different temperatures and magnetic fields collapse on a single curve describing the sharp anomaly in nonlinear magnetoelectric response at the magnetic transition. We show that this(More)
The search for multifunctional materials as multiferroics to be applied in microelectronic or for new, chemically stable and nontoxic, thermoelectric materials to recover waste heat is showing a common interest in the oxides whose structures contain a triangular network of transition-metal cations. To illustrate this point, two ternary systems, Ba-Co-O and(More)
Two kinds of epitaxial structures were grown by standard pulsed laser deposition on (001) Si, namely La(0.7)Sr(0.3)MnO(3)/Bi(4)Ti(3)O(12)/CeO(2) /YSZ/Si (BTO-based), and La(0.7)Sr(0.3)MnO(3)/SrTiO(3)/CeO(2) /YSZ/Si (STO-based) multilayers. The samples were investigated by means of x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, magnetic and transport(More)
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