Ch. Schieweck

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Cardiac glycosides which inhibit Na/K-ATPase (ouabain, scilliroside, scillirosidin) as well as heparin and histamine were infused into a cannulated branch of the middle cerebral artery or by isolated head perfusion in cats and dogs. Ouabain permeating the blood-brain barrier (BBB) caused the same selective swelling of astrocytes and of certain presynaptic(More)
The distribution pattern of 3H-DH-ergotoxine, labelled by a direct hydration with tritium, was investigated in the cat brain. Apart from the pituitary gland, the brain shows an average DH-ergotoxine concentration of 10(-7) M. A 15% greater incorporation of DH-ergotoxine occurs in the cerebellum than in the cerebrum. In gradient centrifugation studies it is(More)
A technique for cannulation of a parietal branch of the middle cerebral artery is described by which high but local concentrations of substances can be achieved in cortical vessels. Using this technique it was shown that ouabain, a specific inhibitor of the Na+-K+-ATPase enzyme system, can produce alterations in the blood brain barrier (BBB) permeability as(More)
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