Ch. Schaeffer

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Today, more and more compact converters with high current rates are required. The thermal environment is a key point to meet these requirements: the heat sink must be integrated as close as possible from heat sources. Liquid-cooled microchannel heat sinks are very efficient and well adapted to the cooling of power components. Thus, a high performance micro(More)
Pulsating heat pipes (PHPs) have already found some applications in cooling power / micro electronic components. It was investigated whether a flat plate closed loop pulsating heat pipe can be applied for power electronics cooling. The measured thermal resistances were strongly influenced by the tilt angle, fill rate and working fluid. The best PHP(More)
In power electronic liquid cooling systems, the hydraulic circuit is generally implemented by a mechanical pump, which is big, noisy, expensive, and has a high power consumption. To solve these problems, it is proposed to replace the mechanical pump by an electrokinetic one, such as an electroosmotic (EO) pump. In this paper, we present the theory of(More)
Currently the thermal losses of power electronic devices like IGBTs are increasing. At the same time, their sizes are decreasing. Consequently heat sinks have to dissipate very large heat flux densities. Therefore the thermal environment is a main issue in their performance and reliability. In order to improve heat transfers, materials with high thermal(More)
Conventional methods of cooling are not an ideal way to overcome the heat problem in power electronics today. A simple solution would be using micro heat spreader as an integrated part in the silicon substrate. This investigation presents a detailed analysis on maximum heat transfer capabilities of silicon-water cooling devices, flat plate micro heat(More)
This study deals with power MOSFET models. Parasitic capacitors are one of the main parameters for dynamic models, and have a critical influence on switching waveforms and switching losses. Most of classical models consider that these capacitors are one-voltage dependent. The aim of this paper is to present a new insight based on a physical structure(More)
The goal of this research work is to develop and validate the design of a double-sided electronic substrate, part of a multilayer three-dimensional (3D) package, with an integrated heat exchanger (thin flat heat pipe) in order to evacuate the required total power losses of about 35 W. The paper describes the fabrication processes of a flat heat pipe and the(More)
Monolithic integration dedicated to power electronics applications simplifies design and implementation of converters. This paper presents a simple and highly integrated gate driver powering technique for AC switches and AC to AC converters. Gate driver supply operating principle and integration are first recalled. Then, it is shown how the proposed(More)
This paper deals with performances of silicon carbide power Schottky diodes compared with state-of-the-art high speed rectifiers. With high breakdown voltage, high gap energy and good thermal conductivity, SiC is a serious challenger for a new power semiconductor material. Here, the authors analyze static and switching behaviors in order to evaluate(More)