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  • Ch. Roblin
  • 2006 First European Conference on Antennas and…
  • 2006
The need for antenna models, both simple and realistic is more and more often expressed in the context of UWB communications. This paper addresses this topic through an approach based on a drastic reduction of the descriptive parameters set of antennas based on double projection of their Transfer Function or Impulse Response. The latter is expanded over a(More)
Future advanced radiofrequency identification (RFID) systems are expected to provide both identification and high-definition localization of objects with improved reliability and security while maintaining low power consumption and cost. Ultrawide bandwidth (UWB) technology is a promising solution for next generation RFID systems to overcome most of the(More)
  • Ch. Roblin
  • Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on…
  • 2011
The Wireless Body Area Networks technology is a promising candidate for various potential applications in the domains of health, monitoring, sport, multimedia, entertainment, data transfer, etc. The optimization of WBANs at the system level requires an accurate knowledge of the propagation channel which plays a key role on the design of the PHY, MAC and(More)
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