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Direct measurements of the bulk flow of a ferrofluid in a uniform rotating magnetic field were obtained using the ultrasonic velocity profile method. The fluid was observed to corotate with the field in a rigid-body-like fashion throughout the bulk of the container, except near the air-fluid interface, where it was observed to counterrotate. The results(More)
Acknowledgments First of all I would like to thank my tutor, Professor Ettore Napoli, for his constant support, his helpful suggestions, his teaching that has been crucial to achieve this goal. Many thanks to Davide De Caro, who has always been helpful and able to solve all my problems. A special thanks to Nicola Petra, for stimulating my activity and my(More)
Organic semiconductors constitute promising candidates toward large-scale electronic circuits that are entirely spintronics-driven. Toward this goal, tunneling magnetoresistance values above 300% at low temperature suggested the presence of highly spin-polarized device interfaces. However, such spinterfaces have not been observed directly, let alone at room(More)
Interfacial magnetoelectric coupling is a viable path to achieve electrical writing of magnetic information in spintronic devices. For the prototypical Fe/BaTiO₃ system, only tiny changes of the interfacial Fe magnetic moment upon reversal of the BaTiO₃ dielectric polarization have been predicted so far. Here, by using X-ray magnetic circular dichroism in(More)
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