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We consider non-contracting p-adic Lie groups and we establish equivalence relations and connections among the following classes of p-adic Lie groups: (1) non-contracting; (2) type R; (3) distal and (4) Tortrat. We also deduce that non-contracting p-adic Lie groups are unimodular and IN p-adic Lie groups are non-contracting. In this note we prove p-adic(More)
We prove linear distal groups and groups whose compact subgroups are nite are Tortrat. Let G be a locally compact group and e denote the identity of G. Let P(G) be the space of all regular Borel probability measures on G, equipped with the weak* topology with respect to all bounded continuous functions on G. A locally compact group G is called distal if e(More)
— Information retrieval in medical domain is now sharing major part of the web search. Now a day's most of the people especially adults are browsing health care and medical information at their homes using internet. Medical Information Retrieval System (MIRS) through search engines providing positive information to the user based on the fixed(More)
A locally compact group G is said to have shifted convolution property (abbr. as SCP) if for every regular Borel probability measure µ on G, either sup x∈G µ n (Cx) → 0 for all compact subsets C of G, or there exist x ∈ G and a compact subgroup K normalised by x such that µ n x −n → ω K , the Haar measure on K. We first consider distality of factor actions(More)
We consider identity excluding groups. We first show that motion groups of totally disconnected nilpotent groups are identity excluding. We prove that certain class of p-adic algebraic groups which includes algebraic groups whose solvable radical is type R have identity excluding property. We also prove the convergence of averages of representations for(More)
This paper presents the concept of Normal Algorithms proposed by Andreii Andreevich Markov (A. A. Markov) in 1951. This concept is analogous to that of Turing machines introduced by Alan Mathaison Turing. A mathematical object of analysis is called computable if and only if it is Turing computable. One can also define computability in terms of normal(More)
On the existence of ergodic automorphisms in ergodic Z d-actions on compact groups Abstract Let K be a compact metrizable group and Γ be a finitely generated group of commuting automorphisms of K. We show that ergodicity of Γ implies Γ contains ergodic automorphisms if center of the action, Z(Γ) = {α ∈ Aut (K) | α commutes with elements of Γ} has DCC. To(More)
We prove the Khinchin's Theorems for following Gelfand pairs (G; K) satisfying a condition (*): (a) G is connected; (b) G is almost connected and Ad (G=M) is almost algebraic for some compact normal subgroup M ; (c) G admits a compact open normal subgroup; (d) (G; K) is symmetric and G is 2-root compact; (e) G is a Zariski-connected p-adic algebraic group;(More)
We prove that action of a group T on compact metric space X by home-omorphisms is proximal if and only if T action on P(X) is strongly proximal and we obtain the same result for actions on exponential Lie groups by auto-morphisms. We also prove that for any 2 P(T), X is-proximal or X is mean proximal if and only if so is P(X). KEYWORDS Proximal and strongly(More)