Ch Niranjan Patra

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The present studies entail formulation development of novel solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems (S-SNEDDS) of valsartan with improved oral bioavailability, and evaluation of their in vitro and in vivo performance. Preliminary solubility studies were carried out and pseudoternary phase diagrams were constructed using blends of oil (Capmul MCM),(More)
Ionotropic gelation was used to entrap aceclofenac into algino-pectinate bioadhesive microspheres as a potential drug carrier for the oral delivery of this anti-inflammatory drug. Microspheres were investigated in vitro for possible sustained drug release and their use in vivo as a gastroprotective system for aceclofenac. Polymer concentration and(More)
A combination of fusion and surface adsorption techniques was used to enhance the dissolution rate of cefuroxime axetil. Solid dispersions of cefuroxime axetil were prepared by two methods, namely fusion method using poloxamer 188 alone and combination of poloxamer 188 and Neusilin US2 by fusion and surface adsorption method. Solid dispersions were(More)
The objective of present research work was to design and characterize the venlafaxine HCl-loaded sodium alginate-based mucoadhesive microcapsules by ionic gelation technique using HPMC K100M as mucoadhesive polymer. The Placket-Burman Design was applied for preliminary screening of the formulations and systematic optimization by using Box-Behnken Design.(More)
The purpose of the present research work was to observe the effects of drug solubility on their release kinetics of water soluble verpamil hydrochloride and insoluble aceclofenac from hydrophilic polymer based matrix formulations. Matrix formulations were prepared by the direct compression method. The formulations were evaluated for various physical(More)
Direct tabletting technique is the most easy and simplest way of making tablets. Good flowability and compressibility is prerequisite for drug to be prepared by direct compression. There are several techniques available to impart desired compressibility to drugs. Spherical crystallization techniques are the promising techniques in which the drug crystals(More)
The dried fruit of Terminalia chebula is widely used for its laxative properties. The objective of the present study was to examine the flowability and compressibility of Terminalia chebula fruit powder, subsequently developing its tablet formulations by utilizing wet granulation and direct compression technology. Initial studies on flowability and(More)
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