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A complication rate between 4–18% for the conventional osteosynthesis of the proximal femur fracture continues to be unacceptable even if increasing age and co-morbidity of patients are taken into account. Therefore, new intramedullary techniques are under development, and we here report our results with the novel trochanteric fixation nail (TFN). During(More)
This prospective consecutive study judges the effectiveness of pulsed low-intensity ultrasound for treatment of boney healing disorders. 86 out of 100 treatments were successful. Although in these 100 cases 64 delayed unions and 36 nonunions were enrolled ultrasound therapy was performed as an alternative to the indicated operation in every case. Excluding(More)
Die vorliegende prospektiv konsekutive Studie beurteilt die Wirksamkeit von niedrig-intensivem, gepulstem Ultraschall zur Behandlung von Frakturheilungsstörungen. 86 von 100 Behandlungen konnten mit Erfolg abgeschlossen werden. Obwohl es sich bei den 100 Fällen um insgesamt 64 “delayed unions” und 36 “non-unions” handelte, wurde die Ultraschallbehandlung(More)
We studied the influence of storage (1-5 days) and gamma irradiation (0, 25, 50, 100 Gy) on the in vitro aggregability of stored platelets. Platelet aggregation was measured using the method of Born and Breddin and the aggregating agents ADP, collagen, ristocetin and arachidonic acid. With increasing time of storage the ADP-, collagen- and(More)
In Form einer Fallbeschreibung wird das im chirurgischen Schrifttum bisher nicht behandelte Krankheitsbild der fokalen Myositis, einer seltenen inflammatorisch tumorösen Myopathie unbekannter Genese, dargestellt. Betroffen ist meist ein isolierter Extremitätenmuskel. Diagnostik und Therapie sind in der Regel sehr langwierig. Es werden eine sinnvolle(More)
This case report describes focal myositis, a rare inflammatory pseudotumorous disease previously not mentioned in the surgical literature. Most often a single muscle of the upper or lower extremity is affected. Usually the diagnostic process and treatment require a long time. We present a useful diagnostic cascade and a surgical therapy, which allows the(More)
Among myocardial infarction (MI) secondary complications requiring surgical intervention, the primary sequel is the left ventricular aneurysm (LVA), as a matter of fact, the ventricle septum rupture (VSR) and the moderate to severe ischemic mitral valve regurgitation (IMR) are common as secondary or third follow ones. Between June 1985 and June 1993 in our(More)
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