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We describe and demonstrate a new nanometer-scale broadband light source. It is based on the grating-coupled excitation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) on the shaft of a sharp conical metal taper with a tip radius of few tens of nanometers. Far-field excitation of linear nanoslit gratings results in the resonant generation of SPPs traveling over more(More)
We have measured local electric field vectors of local polarizaton on the nanoscale using gold nanoparticle functionalized tips as local field scatterers. In our experiments, the local field induces a dipole-moment in the gold nanoparticle functionalized tip, which then radiates into the far-field, transferring the full information about the local electric(More)
Intense multiphoton electron emission is observed from sharp (approximately 20 nm radius) metallic tips illuminated with weak 100-pJ, 7-fs light pulses. Local field enhancement, evidenced by concurrent nonlinear light generation, confines the emission to the tip apex. Electrons are emitted from a highly excited nonequilibrium carrier distribution, resulting(More)
We report the first observation of subradiance in plasmonic nanocrystals. Amplitude- and phase-resolved ultrafast transmission experiments directly reveal the coherent coupling between surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) induced by periodic variations in the dielectric function. This interaction results in the formation of plasmonic band gaps and coupled SPP(More)
We report spatial domain measurements of the damping of surface-plasmon excitations in metal films with periodic nanohole arrays. The measurements reveal a short coherent propagation length of a few microm inside nanohole arrays, consistent with delays of about 10 fs in ultrafast transmission experiments. This implies that the transmission spectra of the(More)
We report measurements of a coherent coupling between surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) and quantum well excitons in a hybrid metal-semiconductor nanostructure. The hybrid structure is designed to optimize the radiative exciton-SPP interaction which is probed by low-temperature, angle-resolved, far-field reflectivity spectroscopy. As a result of the(More)
We demonstrate an ultrafast manipulation of the Rabi splitting energy Ω(R) in a metal-molecular aggregate hybrid nanostructure. Femtosecond excitation drastically alters the optical properties of a model system formed by coating a gold nanoslit array with a thin J-aggregated dye layer. Controlled and reversible transient switching from strong (Ω(R) ≃ 55(More)
We report on perfect transmission in two-dimensional plasmonic matamaterials in the terahertz frequency range, in which zeroth order transmittance becomes essentially unity near specific resonance frequencies. Perfect transmission may occur when the plasmonic metamaterials are perfectly impedance matched to vacuum, which is equivalent to designing an(More)
Terahertz transmission filters have been manufactured by perforating metal films with various geometric shapes using femtosecond laser machining. Two dimensional arrays of square, circular, rectangular, c-shaped, and epsilon-shaped holes all support over 99% transmission at specific frequencies determined by geometric shape, symmetry, polarization, and(More)
Spatially resolved photoluminescence spectra of a single quantum well are recorded by near-field spectroscopy. A set of over four hundred spectra displaying sharp emission lines from localized excitons is subject to a statistical analysis of the two-energy autocorrelation function. An accurate comparison with a quantum theory of the exciton center-of-mass(More)