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OBJECTIVE To assess the influence of different positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) levels on plasma atrial natriuretic peptide concentrations. DESIGN Prospective, randomized study. SETTING Intensive care unit of a university hospital. PATIENTS Twenty-seven patients who were mechanically ventilated due to acute respiratory failure. INTERVENTION(More)
Prompt establishment of an airway is a primary goal in CPR of nonbreathing and unconscious patients. The esophageal tracheal combitube (ETC) is a new airway, designed for emergency intubation providing sufficient ventilation whether the airway is placed into the trachea or into the esophagus. We evaluated the effectiveness of the ETC in 31 patients during(More)
There is good evidence that retention products accumulating in chronic renal insufficiency influence prostaglandin (PG) synthesis, thus affecting platelet-vascular wall interaction. The vascular PGI2 synthesis is increased and prolonged in vitro, the plasma factor activity enhanced. A defective platelet function is frequently observed; it is completely(More)
In the early phase of malignant renal hypertension induced by aortic ligature, a transient activation of transmural aortic permeability is observed. The transmural permeability shows its maximum during the first week of hypertension returning in the third week to normal or even subnormal values, whereas the blood pressure is still rising. The permeability(More)
Changes in the internal elastic membrane of the coeliac trunk and its branches begin in the foetus. Usually these changes increase with advancing age. The intensity of involvement varies in different arteries, localized swelling is of particular importance as a measure of atherosclerotic involvement. There is a close relationship between morphology and(More)
8 patients with chronic kidney transplant rejection were treated intravenously with prostacyclin during 5 days. This treatment seemed to have a beneficial effect as measured by platelet deposition in the transplant and prolongation of platelet survival. In the majority of cases the transplant function improved. A longer duration of this therapeutic effect(More)
Recently prostacyclin (PHI2), an unstable prostaglandin with a strong inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation, has been demonstrated in the wall of blood vessels. We estimated the PGI2 availability of arteries and veins in 10 uraemic patients and 12 nephrectomised rats. The production of PGI2 after long-term incubation of the vessels was markedly enhanced(More)
In the first three weeks after kidney transplantation the patients were examined for daily changes in immunoglobulin levels. Only very seldom was a decrease of IgM detected in our patients who had undergone splenectomy. During half of the rejection crisis there were indeed short periods of increase (spikes) in immunoglobulins. These were observed always(More)
The activation of platelets due to foreign surface interaction is a well known fact. Earlier, we found an increase of circulating platelet microaggregates (method of Wu and Hoak) during hemodialysis. Since this phenomenon might cause a PGI2-release by lung and/or vascular tissue, we studied the plasma 6-oxo-PGF 1 alpha-levels in 6 patients during(More)