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Results are reported from the complete salt phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory experiment in which NaCl was dissolved in the D 2 O target. The addition of salt enhanced the signal from neutron capture, as compared to the pure D 2 O detector. By making a statistical separation of charged-current events from other types based on event-isotropy(More)
New data are reported from the operation of a 2 liter C3F8 bubble chamber in the SNOLAB underground laboratory, with a total exposure of 211.5 kg days at four different energy thresholds below 10 keV. These data show that C3F8 provides excellent electron-recoil and alpha rejection capabilities at very low thresholds. The chamber exhibits an electron-recoil(More)
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An array of Neutral-Current Detectors (NCDs) has been built in order to make a unique measurement of the total active flux of solar neutrinos in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO). Data in the third phase of the SNO experiment were collected between November 2004 and November 2006, after the NCD array was added to improve the neutral-current sensitivity(More)
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A study of the angular distributions of leptons from decays of J/ψ’s produced in p-C and p-W collisions at √ s = 41.6 GeV has been performed in the J/ψ Feynman-x region −0.34 < xF < 0.14 and for J/ψ transverse momenta up to 5.4 GeV/c. The data were collected by the HERA-B experiment at the HERA proton ring of the DESY laboratory. The results, based on a(More)