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In patients with severe craniocerebral trauma, who need a continuous positive-pressure breathing, the detection of pulmonary and mediastinal traumatic lesions, especially pneumothorax, may alter the management. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of conventional supine chest roentgenograms to detect the associated traumatic(More)
The knowledge of the relationship that links radiation dose and image quality is a prerequisite to any optimization of medical diagnostic radiology. Image quality depends, on the one hand, on the physical parameters such as contrast, resolution, and noise, and on the other hand, on characteristics of the observer that assesses the image. While the role of(More)
Of 10,000 mammographies done over a 9-year period, 16 cases of hamartoma of the breast were diagnosed. The entity is a well delimited mass composed of dysplastic-appearing mammary tissue admixed to fat. It can be readily recognized and should not be confused with fibroadenoma or mammary dysplasia. The accuracy with which it can be diagnosed by mammography(More)
Electro-Optic Sampling at the TESLA Test Accelerator: Experimental Setup and First Results M. Brunken, H. Genz, P. Göttlicher, C. Hessler, M. Hüning, H. Loos, A. Richter, H. Schlarb, P. Schmüser, S. Simrock, D. Suetterlin, M. Tonutti, D. Türke Institut für Kernphysik, Technische Universität Darmstadt Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY Institut für(More)
The fronto-ethmoidal osteoma is a relatively rare radiological finding and its growth potential, as well as the complications it may lead to, are often underestimated. Osteomas are a frequent cause of mucoceles and sinusitis due to blockage of the nasal ducts but can also present with more dramatic signs such as orbital or intracranial invasion. This(More)
The influence of anode and filter materials on the performance (image quality and dose) of a mammography system is investigated. The image quality is evaluated with the image quality index method. A computer simulation has been developed to calculate the physical parameters of the image quality index (contrast, resolution and noise) as well as the mean(More)
Breast cancer in young women is a dreaded disease of bad prognosis, classically worse than for older women. A local study was undertaken in Lausanne to evaluate this notion. 94 cases aged less than 36 years were collected over 15 years, the incidence being 9 new cases per years per 100,000 under-36 women. 76% of the tumors were discovered accidentally by(More)