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We present a model of spiking neuron that emulates the output of the usual static neurons with sigmoidal activation functions. It allows for hardware implementations of standard feedforward networks, trained off-line with any classical learning algorithm (i.e. back-propagation and its variants). The model is validated on hand-written digits recognition, and(More)
1 2 Root architecture is a crucial part of plant adaptation to soil heterogeneity and is 3 mainly controlled by root branching. The process of root system development can be divided 4 into two successive steps: lateral root initiation and lateral root development/emergence 5 which are controlled by different fluxes of the plant hormone auxin. While shoot(More)
Several methods have been developed in the past for the separation and identification of closely related steroid hormones. Although these methods are effective, most of them use HPLC-derived systems and are expensive, laborious, or time-consuming. In the course of our studies of the metabolism of dehydroepiandrosterone and androstenedione in tissues, we(More)
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