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Between 1980 and 1993, 45 patients with bilateral cord abductor paralysis were treated by carbon dioxide endoscopic laser arytenoidectomy. Thyroid surgery was the main cause of bilateral laryngeal palsy (67%). Seven patients, who were tracheotomised before treatment, were decanulated. Ninety-one percent of the patients recovered physiologic respiration. The(More)
  • C Frèche
  • Annales d'oto-laryngologie et de chirurgie…
  • 1975
Medical treatment for a frigore facial paralysis should be instituted promptly, within 48 hours of the appearance of symptoms. Principally, to reduce oedema or oedematous neuropathy (which is what Bell's palsy is), treatment should include:--corticoids, --vaso-dilators. --1 p. 100 xylocaine infiltrations (superficial temporal artery, stylomastoid foramen,(More)