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Focal dermal hypoplasia (Goltz's syndrome, Goltz-Gorlin syndrome), an uncommon malady belonging to the group of congenital poikloderma, is characterized by its broad spectrum of meso-ectodermal defects involving the skin as well as the eyes, skeletal system and teeth. The case represented her is identical with the one published by Naegeli 1926, and contains(More)
The definition of abuse and dependence of non-narcotic analgesics should take into consideration the interaction of drug and personality. Usually, definitions are based on qualitative aspects of the risk-benefit ratio in the use of psychotropic drugs. By means of modern research methods in epidemiology and clinical psychology, quantitative aspects might be(More)
A study group of originally 623 employed women of Northwestern Switzerland who were aged 30 to 49 yr and showing objective evidence of intake of phenacetin-containing analgesics, and a control group of 621 comparable women showing no such intake, were examined in 1968 and followed-up five times from 1969 to 1975 for laboratory evidence of urorenal(More)
Male Wistar (rattus norvegicus) and desert rats (meriones crassus) were given a single dose of 200 mg/kg of clofibrate (CPIB) p.o. and liver tissue was analysed by ultrastructural morphometry. CPIB induced a biphasic reaction pattern of hepatocellular organelles both in Wistar and desert rats. In the initial phase (2–5 h) the volume share of mitochondria(More)
De 1968 à 1972 et en 1975 (résultats provisoires) des échantillons d'urine de trois jours par an ont été examinés par photométrie pour N-acetyl-p-aminophénol ( = NAPAP, métabolite principal de phénacetine) et pour salicylate chez une population constante. Il s'agit de 1200 femmes nées entre 1918 et 1937 dont la plupart travaillent dans 80 entreprises de la(More)
The abuse of analgesics is common in the Swiss population. In a field study social und psychological investigations with 600 women ingesting analgesics and 600 women not taking analgesics are made. In a preliminary interpretation of 80 interviews the women ingesting analgesics differ only in a few points from the control group: 1. In the study group a(More)
From 1968 to 1972 and in 1975 (provisional results) urine samples collected on three days per year were examined by photometer for N-acetyl-p-aminophenol (=NAPAP, main metabolite of phenacetin) and for salicylates in the same population. It consists of 1200 women born from 1918 to 1937 whose majority works in 80 enterprises of Northwestern Switzerland. In(More)
L'abus d'analgésiques est très répandu dans notre population. Chez 600 consommatrices d'analgésiques et 600 personnes de contrôle des enquêtes anamnestiques sociales et psychiatriques-psychologiques ont été faites. Le bilan provisoire de 80 interviews de chaque groupe ne montre que dans peu de points des tendances dans lesquelles le groupe d'étude se(More)
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