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This paper describes the design and implementation of NAOS, an active rule component in the object-oriented database system O 2. The contribution of this work is related to two main aspects. The rst concerns the integration of the rule concept within the O 2 model, providing a way to structure applications. Rules are part of a schema and do not belong to a(More)
In the framework of GOODSTEP, rules have been introduced as a means to support the implementation of next generation of Software Development Environments (SDE), mainly for: (i) notifying users, i.e., programmers of SDE or end-users, (ii) application access logging, (iii) organizing related application programs, (iv) tools communicationn22], (v) change(More)
This paper is concerned with hierarchical Markov Random Field (MRF) models and with their application to sonar image segmentation. We present a novel unsupervised hierarchical MRF model involving a pyramidal label eld and a scale-causal and spatial neighborhood structure. This allows us to more precisely model the local and global characteristics of image(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of the Bayesian inference for some detection and classiication problems of great importance in sonar imagery. More precisely this paper is concerned with the segmentation of sonar image, the classiication of object lying on the sea-bottom and the classiication of sea-oor. These aforementioned classiication tasks are(More)
A patient data management system (PDMS) based on a local area network linking fourteen bedside instrument monitors to a personal computer is presented. The PDMS acquires real-time data and graphically displays their trends using interactive menus. Fluid balance data, medical dosage calculations based on the patient data, and medical observations are also(More)
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