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This paper describes the design and implementation of NAOS, an active rule component in the object-oriented database system O 2. The contribution of this work is related to two main aspects. The rst concerns the integration of the rule concept within the O 2 model, providing a way to structure applications. Rules are part of a schema and do not belong to a(More)
In the framework of GOODSTEP, rules have been introduced as a means to support the implementation of next generation of Software Development Environments (SDE), mainly for: (i) notifying users, i.e., programmers of SDE or end-users, (ii) application access logging, (iii) organizing related application programs, (iv) tools communicationn22], (v) change(More)
A patient data management system (PDMS) based on a local area network linking fourteen bedside instrument monitors to a personal computer is presented. The PDMS acquires real-time data and graphically displays their trends using interactive menus. Fluid balance data, medical dosage calculations based on the patient data, and medical observations are also(More)
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