Ch. Büttner

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Over a period of about 1 year we observed five patients who developed tumors of their eyelids a few days to 3 weeks after surgery on the paranasal sinuses through the nasal passage. One patient noticed a swelling of his ipsilateral eyelid during an irrigation procedure for the maxillary sinus, which was also followed by endonasal surgery. After surgery each(More)
Four cases are presented, in whom conventional radiography of the abdomen including tomography and ultrasound raised high suspicion of a left suprarenal tumor. Abdominal CT explained the finding in each case as being produced by a normal anatomic variation of the pancreatic tail, which was found in a paraspinal and suprarenal location. The statistical(More)
Quality and frequency of embolisation caused by angioplasty of stenoses of iliac arteries were investigated in 50 patients. In 18% emboli were found. They mostly consisted of atheromatous material and were visible by macroscopic view in 10% of the patients. Complications caused by embolisation during angioplasty of iliac artery stenosis however are very(More)
During the last five years 10 patients received surgical treatment in our eye clinic for tumours of the eyelids and the orbit that had developed after endonasal sinus surgery. In most patients the first signs of lid or orbital involvement had occurred 4 weeks after ENT surgery and after a unilateral or bilateral postoperative haematoma had subsided. The(More)
Inhalation of biologically inert particles has long been used for studying the physiological lung function of lung clearance of particles. Conducting airways and deep lung are cleared of deposited particles by different mechanisms, which are reflected by different clearance rates. To find out, whether magnetopneumography (MPG) can be used for measuring dust(More)
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