Chérif Larouci

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Ultrasonic piezoelectric motor technology is an important system component in integrated mechatronics devices working on extreme operating conditions. Due to these constraints, robustness and performance of the control interfaces should be taken into account in the motor design. In this paper, we propose an architecture for a fault tolerant control using(More)
This paper presents a fuzzy logic design of a tele-control electrical vehicle system. We showed that the application of fuzzy logic control allows the stability of tele-vehicle system in spite of communication delays between the operator and the vehicle. A robust bilateral controller design using fuzzy logic frameworks was proposed. This approach allows a(More)
During the two past decades, important vehicle simulators have been developed. The evolution of these simulation tools has attracted the attention of several industrials. The aim of the concept is to seek about effective methods and accurate models which allow to reach this objective and to minimize the cost and the time devoted to the development phases of(More)
This paper proposes and evaluates the comparative studies between the classical controllers (PI, PD and PID) with H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> robust control technique for an 3-DOF helicopter. The control algorithm uses a robust controllers synthesized by the H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> loop shaping approach. The experimental results show that the robust controllers(More)
This paper deals with an optimization approach of a three-phases inverter associated to a bus capacitor filter and a heatsink. This approach considers multi-technology components and a power semiconductors generic modelling. The optimized choice is performed with a Genetic Algorithm (GA) with the help of components databases for the semiconductors,(More)
In this paper, we propose an experimental study for GIMC (Generalized Internal Model Control) active fault tolerant control design based on fixed H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> robust approach. The proposed strategy is applied for the induction motor speed drive of electrical vehicle powertrain in presence of fault speed sensors. To adopt the best performance method(More)