Cezary Ziólkowski

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Mojave toxin is a neurotoxic, heterodimeric phospholipase isolated from the venom of Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus. Responses of primary rat muscle cell cultures and clonal muscle cell lines to treatment with Mojave toxin and its constituent subunits were examined. Continuous exposure of cells to 0.5 microM or 1.0 microM Mojave toxin or the basic subunit,(More)
A significant difficulty in modeling the radio channel is related to adjustment the signal reception angle models to different environmental conditions. In this study, we show the solution to this issue on the example of the uniform elliptical with receiver outside model (UERO). The measurement data taken from open literature, delay and angle spread are the(More)
Cultured myoblasts and moytubes were used to study the effects of purified myotoxins from rattlesnake venoms. Standard cell culture techniques were used to establish and maintain primary cultures derived from neonatal rat tissue and two clonal cell lines, rat RMo cells and mouse C2 cells. Toxin concentrations, ranging from 0.04 to 1.0 microM, were added to(More)
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